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Pipe Dimmer - Pipe Shelves pt 1

a quick disclaimer: By no means is this a how-to video. I only offer the parts list as supplemental information for those who are interested. The links below may be affiliate links, which are used to support this website.

This is part 1 of my pipe shelf project. It is somewhat of a proof of concept to make sure I can get the dimmer portion working.

Parts Used

3/4" T-fitting: from home depot

floor lamp rotary dimmer: ZE-02B from ebay

Parts that I tried but didn't use

Moisture seal heat-shrink (I don't remember the specific one): from mcmaster

Programs Used

OpenSCAD - free 3d code based modeler


<add thingiverse link>

Additional Notes (stuff not in the vid)

The dimmer unit was slightly modified. I removed the paper cover and wrapped it up with electrical tape. To get the dimmer to fit in the pipe, I had to bend the heat sinks slightly via a vise.

The dimmer I used did end up having a minor flaw, the dim range starts at about 50%.

Thanks for watching/reading! I hope you enjoyed it. Please stay tuned for part 2 when I build the finished lamp.

And some more notes

I'm still working on perfecting video production. Mostly I'm trying to get the audio to sound right with the equipment I have now. Editing takes forever, but I'm working on that too. Thanks for bearing with me!


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